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HOODS is Ty'rone's debut poetry collection,

published by

Verve Poetry Press

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'Ty’rone brings element of Job’s suffering mixed with Kendrick Lemar ‘Why God
do I gotta suffer’ to highlight the plight of Black young men living in urban
spaces of Britain. Hood wears the colour Black with pride and beauty, traversing
the landscape of history, academia and the streets, from the gethsemane of the
ghetto to the continuing persecution of the black man to the resurrection in
fatherhood and love. There’s More Fiya to come from this young writer.'

Roy McFarlane

‘As captivating as it is potent as it is vital as it is dazzling. a truly stunning debut.’
Matt Abbott


For boys without permission to be children; privy to life’s ills way too soon. 

To men who were never taught how to be. Trying on roles to see what fits, to see who we are.  

Fathers learning on the job how to father their cubs and also themselves. Doing all you can to protect their futures from your past. All whilst being black.


These poems explore childhood, manhood and fatherhood. And how the quality of the former affects the latter. 


May all your hoods be beautiful.

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